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Huge Bundle of 60 Vintage Paper Textures Free to Download

by Smilypixel in Uncategorized on May 11, 2019

So you are looking a way to add that vintage vibe to your designs? Look no further!

Smilypixel offers you a super large bundle of 60 vintage textured papers that you can use as backgrounds, overlays or just to add some extra texture.

In this freebie collection, you’ll find all kinds of different paper textures such as:

  • Gritty Paper
  • Lightly Textured Paper
  • Heavy Grunge Paper
  • Stained and Crumpled Paper
  • Rustic Weathered Paper
  • + a selection of dirty old Papers from vintage books and ephemera

We have included the preview files for each mini bundle so you can see what kinds of textures you’ll find inside, which makes it easier for you to pick and choose and download for free!

 There’s almost endless possibilited that you can do with these paper textures. For example you can use them in your presentations as backgrounds, or you can play around with blending modes and add them to you photos or illustrations as overlays.


First up on the list is collection of 6 vintage paper textures. Some with some with a slight subtle texture and others with a more pronounced grunge stains and rustic vibe. You’ll get all of the papers in JPEG format so you can use them with your favourite editing software.

Next up, another bundle of 6 different vitnage paper textures. This time with an emphasis on more subtle spots and sprinkles. You’ll also find two ephemera letters with authentic handwriting that you can use to create some interesting overlays for your photos.

In this vintage paper bundle freebie, you’ll find mostly slightly brown paper with light texture, but also a dark book cover and a sheet of musical notes. This ephemera would have been lost and destroyed a long time ago, but now you can save it and make something cool out of it all!

In this paper collection you’ll find some crumpled papers in addition to heavily stained weathered yellow paper textures. All of these are sourced from old book and ephemera that otherwise would have been lost. Enjoy making something cool and unique!

Next up on the list is some serious grunge! All of the papers in this collection are with heavy stains and markings. You’ll get each design in JPEG format.

In this minibundle, you’ll get 6 light grey and slightly dirty paper textures with some torn out pieces and rough edges. Perfect for adding that extra texture to your photos! Or you could easily make these into vector textures!

Hext up on the list – a collection of vintage antique papers with rough texture. All sourced from vintage books and ephemera.In this collection you’ll find papers in both white and sepia tones. Use these old artifacts to add some oldschool vibe to your own design! Esily crop, trim and add them as overlays!

If you still have not found what you’re looking for, maybe this is it!:) A collection of 6 grunge paper textures with sepia and white tones. Most of the papers are lightly stained and with some slight wrinkles. Perfect for digital and print projects!

In this free paper texture collection you’ll find old ephemera in the form old letters with authentic script handwriting. You can use the JPEG files to add some unique textures to your work or just use them as backgrounds.

And finally, to top up the list you get to downlaod 6 free vintage papers with some more script writing on each one. All of the resources were srouced from old books and journals so you have access to te real deal vintage textures!

If you’re looking for more free resources, please check out all of our freebies!

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